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About Sherry W.

Sherry W. is a gifted artist, songwriter, producer, and CEO of Go Y’all, LLC (Indie label and music publishing company) from Baltimore, Maryland;  Married (Raye), and  also the mother of fellow artist, Dale Woodley  (DLW).

She holds a degree in Mass Communication from the former Community College of Baltimore and majored in piano at Morgan State University.  While both of these feats are admirable, her Christian educational pursuits at The University of Family Bible Ministries Worldwide, Inc. have allowed her to be well rounded.  It has afforded her the wisdom that only comes from God to succeed in secular society.

The full CD Project has now been released! Album title: For You Daddy and…all single song projects can  be found on I Tunes and most online stores as well.

  • On You I Can Call
  • Back in the Day
  • Haters
  • I Hear You Calling Me
  • I’m Just a Country Girl Living in the City
  • Big Girl Now
  • Daddy I Miss You

Other Accomplishments:

  •  Wrote and produced Go Y’all television commercial aired on BET, NICK, Sci-Fi etc (written and produced with jingle)
  • “Back in the Day” documentary with self-titled song
  • Written and produced live stage play entitled: The Sneakin’ Deacon (Feb. 2004-2005) and performed at Baltimore’s Black Heritage Art Expo (Baltimore Convention Center)  and various church venues
  • Televised performance at the Bobby Jones Presents Show in Nashville, Tennessee (August 2011)
  • A winner of a talent  showcase on The Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise (2011)
  • Showcase venues included:  Inspirational Country Music Showcase (2011, 2012); Aberdeen Maryland’s Unity in the Community (yearly event), televised performances at The Greater Bethesda Baptist Church,  ABC television’s Good Morning America, and interviews with various major radio  and network television broadcasts.
  • Live performances for a host of regional and interstate outdoor community outreach events

A proven youth mentor (which is her passion),  she is  committed to speaking yearly to area elementary, middle, and senior high school students; encouraging them to pursue their dreams, goals, and visions.

Entertainment managerial  achievements in the past with her own son resulted in his appearances on various televisions shows, commercials, films, and videos and print work:

  • The David Letterman Show, Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit, Blues Clues Videos, Tylenol, and Blue Cross Shield commercials, The Essence Awards Show,  Essence magazine appearance and many major movies and news broadcasts.

Go Y’all LLC is a multi-faceted company consisting of music, entertainment, and apparel.

Sherry’s affiliations past and present:  The Christian Counseling Association, the Gospel Music Association, and The Inspirational Country Music Association (Nashville, TN),

Sherry W’s goal in life:  ”I aspire to inspire before I expire!”

Go Y’all, LLC scripturally inspired by:  Matthew 28:19